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Product Info

[Elegant, Sweet] Telila Genji pictures a cup of vivid lemon tea. Acidity that doesn’t shout, so it’s elegant and more pronounced when cooler, think Pink Grapefruit. The sweetness lingers and gives a soft honeyed like finish. 

Brew this coffee with a longer than usual ratio to fully express this coffee. Rest this well, for better floral expression. Brew this fresh, it’s like a sweet and clean coffee. 

A coffee that is subtle, yet gives transformational experience.


region / Kecho Anderacha, Gera, Jimma
producer / Mike Mamo & producers from the Genji Challa kebele
washing station / Telila CWS
processing / Washed
altitude / 2000 masl.
varietal / JARC 74112

source / Osito Coffee

package weight / 200g