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[Griselda Zelaya] 
Griselda’s vibrant personality and positivity sets the foundation of the farm. Situated in the area of Ojojona, has weather conditions which can be quite extreme for coffee growing. The farm receives a lot of coastal winds, coupled with only 3 months of raining season a year, this makes the area dry. Soil, is predominantly lime soil and very dry. Surrounding of the farm mainly consists of pine trees and the withered pine leaves act as good mulch to retain as much moisture within the already dry grounds. Although shade grown has an added advantage, the farm has less biodiversity than some producing regions. 

However, taking the dry weather to their most advantage, they allow the cherries to fully ripen to deep red color before harvesting. As part of their progressive improvement measures, they have been trying methods to improve soil conditions naturally, one of which is by introducing nitrogen stimulating plants which also has a canopy-like foliage structure which will also act as shade for the coffee trees. 

Their will power and grit is an exemplary trait which we admire the most as all these efforts were definitely represented in the cup. They may not produce the most complex coffees, but quality from their farm sits at a very solid and stable range from season to season.

This season, we repeated the same offering from her, a washed processed Icatu. Profiled for espresso, we are getting bakers chocolate as the base tone, with bittersweet kamquat acidity, followed with a almond flavors. This coffee, provides a sense of comfort with vibrancy, great for espresso, or if you prefer a stronger bodied filter.



region / Ojojona
farmer / Griselda Zelaya Santos  
processing / Washed
altitude / 1630 msl.
varietal / Icatu