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[Lupe Maria, Rare Varietal]
Stumbling upon this coffee is one of the rare occasions where the variety name caught our first attention. Lupe Maria is a rare cross hybrid between the SL28 and the Sidra Bourbon. This coffee comes from Finca Chorora, Ecuador under watchful hands of Olinka Velez. Going through an Anaerobic Washed process, the resulting coffee is beautifully perfumed and floral. Structure of this coffee is delicate and silky. Alongside with these, comes with a currant-like fruit character. We recommend to rest this coffee well and give this coffee a slightly longer than usual ratio on filter.
Limited quantities available.
region / Sozoranga, Loja
farm / Finca Chorora
farmer / Olinka Velez
processing / Anaerobic Traditional Washed
altitude / 1400 masl.
varietal / Lupe Maria

package weight / 100g