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[Espirito Santo, Brazil] Hailing from a region that has a unique micro-climate which resulted coffee produced at Leandro's farm typically matures at a very different period compared to others. 

Going through a washed process, the Catucai 2SL variety lot resulted in a vibrant stonefruit character, with underlying floral tones. It has also a prominent sweet sugar browining flavor, reminiscing of caramel candy. If cupped blind, it has flavor attributes that reminds us of a Kenyan coffee.

Espirito Santo has great potential to produce great terroir driven quality coffee, we are looking forward to discover more from this region in the coming seasons.


region / Caparao, Espirito Santo  
producer / Leandro S. D. Santos
farm / Boa Vista
processing / Washed
altitude / 1100 masl.
varietal / Catucai 2SL

source / Osito Coffee

package weight / 200g