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Thailand Doi Pangkhon


region / Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai

proccesing / Kenya-style Washed, Double fermentation

altitude / 1250 – 1500 masl

varietal / Catuai, Typica & Chiang Mai


[Notes from our partner in Thailand, Beanspire Coffee]
Doi Pangkhon has 300 households, each typically producing about 1-2 tons of parchment. In the past years, we worked with each house individually on their wet processing and bought their parchment before hulling and grading at our mill. This year we invested in a wet mill, operated by a few of our partner producers who’re all family, so we had more control of the process since the cherries and we also bought cherries from outside the family as well.

This is our fifth year working at Doi Pangkhon. We got our partner producers to switch from fully washed to Kenya-Style washed. It’s a double staged fermentation which involves 12 hours of dry fermentation, followed by 12 hours of wet fermentation. We soaked the coffee in clean water for 12 additional hours before drying for 14-25 days on bamboo raised beds, to produce clean, crisp and consistent coffee.

The varietals here are a mixture of Typica, Catuai, and Chiang Mai (with many unknowns as well). Chiang Mai is a local hybrid that is a cross between SL28 x Caturra x Hibrido de Timor. So it’s a catimor variant that’s backcrossed with SL28 in order to improve the cup quality.



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300g, 1kg