the roast things | Thailand Doi Pangkhon (natural)
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Thailand Doi Pangkhon (natural)


region / Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai
processing / Natural
altitude / 1250 – 1500 masl
varietal / Caturra, Typica, Chiang Mai


weight / 200g



Our first direct trade coffee and we are amazed on how clean or complex can coffees from Thailand could potentially be on the cupping table. We are absolutely thrilled to present you coffees from Doi Pangkhon, this year we have purchased this coffee processed in three different methods. The people from Beanspire, a Thailand based coffee exporter works directly and educates the farmers that they work with in improving the quality of the coffees at farm level to meet international specialty coffee markets requirement. We love the transparency in how are they working with local farmers and the work that is being put into maximizing the potential of Thai coffees. This lot is a Natural processed and it has enhanced the complexity of flavors for this coffee. The result from this processing method gives us flavor notes of caramelized bananas, and stone fruit like acidity that reminds us of cherries. A great example of how complex can a good Thai coffee could be.