the roast things | Panama La Mula Lot 14
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Panama La Mula Lot 14


region / Chiriqui, Portrerillas Arriba
farm / La Mula
processing / Macerated Wash
altitude / 1700 – 1800 masl
varietal / Green & Bronze Tip Geisha, Dwarf Geisha


weight / 120g



We are happy to be able to work for the second time this year with Finca La Mula, from Panama. This gesha was specially selected by us as is intensely sweet and aromatic. This lot goes through a Macerated Washed process, a technique where the cherries are depulped and fermented in a tank with a regulated temperature of 40 Degrees before the washing process. Due to the uniqueness of the processing method, this coffee has the sweetness and body that resembles a good natural process but still retains the flavor clarity of a washed processed coffee. Beautiful as a filter coffee.