the roast things | Kenya Ndundu
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Kenya Ndundu


region / Kiganjo, Thika District

factory / Ndundu

farmer / Thiririka Farmers

processing / Washed

altitude / 1898 masl

varietal / SL28 & 34


weight / 200g


After harvesting, all the coffee is delivered to the factory and undergoes the wet processing method. Water is pumped from River Theta to the reservoir tanks for pulping and re-circulation.
After pulping the coffee is stored over night, washed, soaked and spread on the drying tables. The parchment is then frequently turned on the drying tables, sorted and stored awaiting delivery to the millers who are also the marketing agent- KPCU To ensure that the processing is carried out efficiently the factory has invested in a pulper, a recirculation system and about 20 conditioning bins.