the roast things | Guatemala El Bosque
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Guatemala El Bosque


region / Chimaltenango

farm / El Bosque

producer / Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora

processing / Washed

altitude / 1600 – 1850 masl

varietal / Bourbon. Caturra



• Cherries go into reception tank and floaters are separated out, then pumped into the depulper;
• After being depulped mechanically, cherries are sorted in two ways: clean and those that still have fruit;
• The ones with fruit go to a separate channel to undergo a second depulping;
• Clean cherries are moved with recycled water over to fermentation tanks;
• If there happen to still be cherries with fruit, they are sent to another tank where they will most likely be processed as commercial grade;
• Dry fermentation for 14-15 hours;
• Clean water then used to rinse the parchment which is then moved to a mechanical washer and finally transported to the drying patios or beds.