the roast things | Ethiopia Raro
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Ethiopia Raro


region / Guji

washing station / Uraga

processing / Washed

altitude / 2000 – 2200 masl

varietal / Dega


Ethiopia has came a long way in terms of its progress of transparency in the recent years. From being able to trace the coffee from a smaller producing region/village and now to the varietel that is being identified, picked and produced. This Ethiopian coffee hails from the town of Raro (Uraga Zone), is a single Dega varietel washed processed coffee. This coffee is vibrant in acidity, and has a great juicy tactile.This coffee is complex, it first reminds us of red and orange summer peaches and has a tangy acidity as well on the second sip. This wonderfully floral coffee also has black tea like flavors on the background.
Its been a while we have tasted such a clean coffee that offers such complexity.


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300g, 1kg