the roast things | Ethiopia Mormora Chekata
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Ethiopia Mormora Chekata


region / Chekata, Guji
processing / Natural
altitude / 1900 – 2026 masl
varietal / Gujicha


weight / 200g


Chekata is the name of the village where the Mormora Estate and Washing Station are located. Cherries for this lot were supplied by out growers, farmers from the area. Mormora Estate and Washing Station are part of the Guji Highlands Organization.

Guji Highlands is an organization that cultivates coffee, purchases cherries from other farmers, and processes the coffee in various washing stations. They also provide financing for their farmers, and assist with technical and agricultural advice. All of their farms, and the farms where they source their cherries, are forest farms. The land is leased from the government for 40 years and it is strictly forbidden to cut trees or kill wild animals.