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Ecuador Chimborazo Lugmapata


region / Chimborazo

farm / Lugmapata

producer / Enrique Merino

processing / Washed

altitude / 1676 masl

varietal / Sarchimor



The name of the farm is Lugmapata, which is owned and operated by Enrique Merino. The farm has been in the family for more than 100 years. Where the farm is located near the Chimborazo Volcano which is arguably, the highest place on Earth. Due to the curvature of the Earth, it clocks in 1.5 miles higher than Mt. Everest, when measured from the center of our planet. With such elevations and vast farming experience, what we are able to taste are coffees that are highly sweet and transparent.
We have TWO coffees of Single Varietel offerings for both Espresso and Filter. On espresso, we have the Sachimor varietel, this washed processed coffee is sweet and delicate in its acidity which reminds us of Williams Pear, flavor notes and body that reminds us of Milk Chocolate, finishing with a long lingering finish of Dried Longans.
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300g, 1kg