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Colombia Henry Garcia


region / Acevedo, Huila

farm / Nuevo Horizonte

producer / Henry Garcia

processing / Washed

altitude / 1400 – 1800 masl

varietal / Various


This lot was constructed during a cupping competition (The Acevedo Cup), which held its inaugural event in the municipality of Acevedo. Producers located in and around the hamlets surrounding Acevedo town delivered coffees and any lot that met the physical criteria and had a cup score of at least 86 points was accepted into the competition.

From many farms one can quite literally watch the cold air, accompanied by billowing, moist clouds, roll from the jungle overtop of the farms. This moist air makes drying the coffee a challenge, but it is confronting and beating this challenge by drying the coffees in raised, covered beds, that also adds to the fruited complexity of these beautiful lots.


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300g, 1kg